How to use Paypal With ANY Music Site

Want to use PayPal at LegalSounds, MP3Fiesta, MP3Sale, or MP3Skyline? While they don't accept PayPal directly, there is a lesser known feature of PayPal that will let you purchase music from all of these sites (and basically any other music site as well!). It's really quite simple, and is a great alternative for those who don't feel confident giving out their credit card information. Read on for a step-by-step guide that will have you downloading in minutes using your PayPal account.

PayPal has an often overlooked tool called the "PayPal Plug-In" that they provide as a free download directly from the PayPal website. You'll have to install this browser toolbar from PayPal in order to use this method. After installation, the plug-in will provide you with a menu that allows you to create prepaid Mastercard with a set limit. This 'generated' credit card can then be used to purchase items anywhere that Mastercard is accepted, and is done so safely - the card limit is set by you. This is great for making purchases online without giving out the credit card information of a "real" credit card.

Step 1 - Installation of the PayPal Toolbar

After logging into your PayPal account, look on the left side of the screen. There should be a link titled "PayPal Plugin" (circled in red in the image below).

PayPal Plugin Link

After clicking the link, you will be taken to the download screen (the URL leading directly to the download page is right here: ) Click on the download link circled in the image below to download the toolbar (select "Run" after it downloads to install it).

PayPal Plugin-In

After Running the Plug-In setup program you'll have a new PayPal button in your browser toolbar (Internet Explorer or Firefox both work with this Plug-In).

Step 2 - Generate a Mastercard Safely

Click on "Generate Secure Card" on the PayPal toolbar menu.

Generate Prepaid Mastercard

If you haven't done it already, there might be some additional steps you'll need to do to enable 'Secure Cards' (you must have a verified address, etc). Once you've generated a Mastercard with an amount on it you feel comfortable with, you can then use this card in the following step.

Step 3 - Signup and Download

While your newly generated Mastercard should work basically anywhere, it has been reported that it will work at least on the following sites:


If you would like to try an alternative site that also accepts Mastercard, we'd recommend checking out these sites as well (we'll update the page when they have also been verified to work):


And of course, if you're interested in movies instead of music, you can use your prepaid card at ZML as well [review here].

Other Notes

Unfortunately for the Europeans (and others around the world), it appears that this only works for those living in the USA. Downloading the toolbar and installing it but then signing in with an account outside of the USA doesn't seem to work either (you aren't even able to download the toolbar if you have a foreign account). If the status of this changes, it will be posted here.

If anyone has any good or bad experiences using this method, please post them in the comments section below.



Signed up at LegalSounds,

Signed up at LegalSounds, went to add balance, selected WebToPay, Paypal Plug-in popped up and populated the credit card info, hit "submit" transaction was denied. Has anyone gotten this to work recently?

Too bad this is only for

Too bad this is only for USA. This tip is very useful as not all music store accept PayPal. I feel better to use this account payment.

Do you have to use an actual

Do you have to use an actual Mastercard to generate the PayPal account or can you use a Visa card number? Thanks.

whose fault is it

So is this because Paypal is blocking payments to sites they object to? Does anyone know a way to get money to zml without giving them a real credit/debit card number?

LavaMus are probably one of

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Not working

I also could not get this method to work. The transaction gets rejected.

not on ZML

This used to work (2-3 months ago) on ZML, but doesn't anymore. I've tried it several times and it always says "payment has been declined". By the way, I have a US Paypal account, but live outside the US (Mexico).

Paypal Plug-in Does NOT Work on Legalsounds

Signed up at LegalSounds, went to add balance, selected WebToPay, Paypal Plug-in popped up and populated the credit card info, hit "submit" transaction was denied. Has anyone gotten this to work recently?


Let me get this straight is this a PayPal Debit Card or a regular Mastercard. It appears the sign up is for the Debit card.

This is neither

This is not a signup for the PayPal Debit card or a Mastercard.

This is a service that PayPal offers that lets you generate a credit card with a set limit to use for purchases.

Let's say I want a credit card to use for $50.00 worth of purchases. I generate a card number (it is a Mastercard credit card number) which I can then use for up to $50.00 worth of purchases anywhere online. I don't actually get a physical card, just the information I need to make an online purchase.

This means that if I make a purchase online and someone somehow steals my credit card info (the generated card), its basically worthless if I've already used the $50.00 on it.

bank account info

I'm not good with giving Paypal my bank account, and this seems to require that you do that. Is this the case?

Bank Account Info

Yeah, you have to verify your bank account and address information before you can use PayPal this way. Also, I think you can only enable this feature 1-2 months after creating a new account.

one more question

Just to clarify, does this mean if you sign up for PayPal today using this method, you will not be able to use it on LegalSounds for 1-2 months?

That is NOT correct

That's wrong. I'm sorry for misleading you (I was thinking about the PayPal Debit Card - there is a 60 day membership minimum for that - but it's a totally different thing).

You need to verify a bank account and your address to use this method of payment using PayPal. What they do is deposit a small amount (two amounts, actually) into your bank account after you give them the details. Then you look at your statement and tell them what those values are.

To verify your address, you need to give them a valid credit card (with a billing address that matches yours). They don't charge you anything on the card, they just use it for address verification.

Overall, this should just take a few days (depends on how long it takes for the deposits to show up on your bank statement).

Works only in the U.S.

not anywhere else, plugins not available for outside U.S., sucks!

Yes, thats true

It only works for paypal customers from the USA (like I mentioned above in the article). I even installed the plugin and used then tried to use a non-US account, and that doesn't work either.

They don't even let you download the plugin unless you have a US account. I was going to post the plugin program here if it had worked for non-US accounts, but it doesn't, so there was no point.

Works great!

Just wanted to add a note since most of the comments above were talking about how it didn't work. I have a verified US PayPal account but never knew about this feature - just set it a couple minutes ago after reading this article and bought 20 euros on with a single-use Paypal-generated card with no problems. This is an awesome feature and I'll be using it for any transaction where I don't want to give out my card number - thanks for letting us know about this! K

FYI, this service has been

FYI, this service has been discontinued as of 09-22-10