Problem Free Music Providers

Since several sites have been dealing with issues related to payment processors lately, I've decided to post a quick list of which sites are running without issues and which sites are still trying to fix things. If you want to see the current status of which sites are accepting payments, check this list out.

The Working Sites

SoundsBox SoundsBox

With no downtime that I have heard of, this site always works fast and predictably. Credit card payments for filling your account work fine.

MP3SkyLine MP3SkyLine

They had some problems with their payment processor, and a few days where payments weren't possible. They also did some work with their catalog that was giving some users problems, but that seems to have been sorted out alreay. They are back in action, and credit card payments are up and running again.


After a hiatus of a couple of weeks, this site is also accepting credit cards again. It looks like they are back in action as well, with new releases being added on a regular basis.


Still working like usual - credit cards are a go, as well as several other payment options (useful if you don't have a credit card at all!).


You can pay with Mastercard or JCB, but not with Visa for some reason.

LegalSounds MP3Sale

This site is working fine like usual, and customers can pay using a variety of methods.

Iomoio ReviewIomoio

Credit card payments are also working fine here and the new site design is quite nice.

You can only buy $35 worth of credit right now for some reason, but at least you can use credit cards if you want.


Credit cards are working fine here - they offer several payment options.


Everything up and working fine - you can use credit cards here as well.


Credit cards are working here as well.


Up and working, but only accepts VISA (like always).

Working, but...


This site still doesn't accept credit cards. However, Webmoney and e-gold are possible solutions. I have tried Webmoney there and it does work as simply as PayPal does (after you have your account setup at Webmoney).

The Not-Always-Working Sites


These guys were up for a while, and now they're back down for a "site redesign". I hope that they get their act together, since many people were impressed with the music catalog the offer.


This site is up, but it still isn't possible to make a payment there.


Working Sites

You might want to check out this site, I've been using it for a couple of months now, trouble-free. It doesn't allow credit card payments but I've used the paypal option without incident.

Nice, but..

One reason I have not added a review for that site is because they don't accept credit cards, which is the payment method of choice for most users.

JustMusicStore and Lavamus

As far as I've been able to tell, since JustMusicStore is a Lavamus site (,,,, and a couple others), the library, your user name, and password, are all the same for all. The support team all comes from They even sent me an email when I was having problems a few weeks ago and suggested that I log on to which worked fine. So unless there is something I haven't figured out with the library, logging on to should work.


Thing is, Lavamus & their associated sites only offer SWREG as a payment processor but everytime you try & add to your balance the page is inactive. However it seems tho if you have an existing balance with them you can still download, although half the 20 tracks I recently put in my cart remained dead when I purchased them. ?????

Lavamus Payment Problems

I had a balance, so I hadn't tried to add funds, but I started the process just to check it out and I got the same response: "Shop closed by SWREG Administrator. Contact vendor for details." (That doesn't sound encouraging.) So far, I haven't had any download problems (ever since they finally came back up last week), but I have noted that they ARE responsive. They were very generous in upping my account balance when some tracks failed to download and the window of opportunity to download them had passed (which was 48 hours, but I noted that they upped that to 168 hours). One other interesting observation. The support comes from "" so I tried the URL and there's an MP3 site there called MP3 AIM. It appears to be still under construction as most of the links on the page are dead, but it just adds to this MP3 site confusion we all seem to be experiencing.


Does anybody know what happen with mp3skyline? I tried to log in this morning and the page is gone. Also, yesterday I tried to download some songs and they weren't available. The message said that I should try back within a few hours. I tried like 5 hours later and still they weren't availabe. Thanks

MP3Skyline Downloads and Payment Options

I have a balance on Skyline and tried downloading a few tracks. It seems the newer ones came back with a "temporarily unavailable - please try later" response, but I was able to download other tracks that I had searched for in the catalog. I noted that for a few weeks, the "latest additions" section was not working, then it came back up this weekend, but now I see it still has Sunday the 26th adds, so it's getting behind again. Just to check it out, I pretended I was going to add to my balance and noticed that the Mastercard option says "temporarily unavailable" so it looks like Visa only for now (and it seems PayPal is out, too -- their "news" section is vague as to whether it will ever come back). More hoops for us to jump through to get reasonably priced music from an extensive catalog with easy payment options...