Lavamus, iSound, MP3Legal Up and Accepting Payments

As reported earlier, most of the the Lavamus network of sites are back up and running (Edit: it looks like downloads are working too, as reported in the comments below) - that includes iSound, Lavamus, and MP3Legal. These sites are all basically the same music provider, just with different names and usually the same music catalog. That is not entirely the case with all of them, though: JustMusicStore has a somewhat different (much larger) catalog; however, it is not back online yet. It looks like they are re-setting up their server : the default Apache page is currently showing if you go to their site.

I am guessing that JustMusicStore is coming back online sometime soon, but I don't know how soon it will be. The recent re-appearance of these indicate that it might not be far off. If you want to read a review of iSound, Lavamus, or MP3Legal, please check out the iSound review - they are all similarly priced and probably have exactly the same catalogs.

If anyone uses these sites and has any comments to make about the service now that they are back online, please feel free to leave comments here.



I just checked to see if

I just checked to see if they were up and accepting payments (which they are, at least as of now). I'd guess that they are probably working on getting downloads going too. I'll edit the story to note when downloads seem to be working again.

All of these stores are scams

How do you think they are able to sell these mp3 for sooo cheap? B/c they are cutting the artist out of the equation. I'm in a bind with all these stores right now b/c they are selling mp3's of my album illegally without my permission. I've contacted them time and time again to no avail. It sucks when I'm trying to make a little wee bit of cash from putting my music for sale on legal download sites like snocap, zoomoozik, beatsdigital, etc selling the download for $.99 and these guys are selling it w/o my permission for $.20. Who the hell would buy it anywhere else? And funny their supposed minimum payout to artists is $100, at $.20 a pop, people would have to buy over 500 tracks of that artist before the artist would see a penny! They not only scam the consumer but the artist as well. Don't be greedy people, pay the extra $.80 per track and feed the music by using a reputable download site, please!

Reply so called artist

Please dont tell people they are cheap because they wont pay a rediculous fee of 80 or 90 cents per track. It is the artist and/or music companies that are the pigs charging that much. You need to think about the bigger picture. It is just like those assholes that call themselves athletes making millions to do something they actually could enjoy for a living. The rest of us that are not athletes or do not have musical talents have to stick with the grindstone jobs that make the world go around while the rest of you enjoy your life. If you dont like sharing a special gift like a wonderful voice or to have enough coordination to actually chew gim and walk (rythm) the bite me. I will go out and buy tracks at 8 cents or however cheap I can for my few minutes of listening pleasre on my way to the daily grind that keeps the world going for useless people like you that dont consider all that we do for you EVERYDAY!!!

Reply to idiot who wrote the post "Reply so called artist"

Because you may have no creative talent from which you can make a living doesn’t give you an excuse to be an asshole. 80-90 cents for a track is very cheap. How much were you paying for CD’s before? Granted the music industry was ripping you off, but not the artist. Why should anyone with talent work hard at creating something to brighten up your cynical and selfish life for free? What’s it in for the artist? Your attitude will end up killing the music industry. People like you simply make the world a shittier place to live in. And what grindstone job do you actually do that makes the world go round? I work in a stressful job and do more than 10 hrs per day plus the occasional weekend. The music industry helps keep me sane.


Have not been able to download 1 song since i sent them my fifty dollars,called my credit company. Sent many emails no response from any sites, as far as i am concerned they are a scam!

Not sure why...

I can assure you that they aren't a 'scam', but have indeed been around for a while. I haven't checked in on JustMusicStore recently; perhaps they are having some kind of problems.

Could you better describe the problems you are having? What happens when you purchase and try to download a song? What kind of error are you getting?

Lavamus family sites... Up!

these sites has problems with security that are identified during attack on them. for now sites are fully functional. Team promises that payment modules will be enabled till end of this week. I have posted comments (answers of the team on my questions) regarding new opportunities of the Lavamus family sites under following page: Have a nice day for everybody. The new slogan of the new engine is: "get commissions inviting your friends". I hope it is a good news for all of us.

These site still close ?

These site still close they still doesn't accept adding balance to you account. too bad this is my number 1 source of music that is hard to find and cheap!!! I wonder if they are close for good ?

Online but...

Its really frustrating that sights like lavamus,mp3skyline,etc. are not accepting payments.They have the best catalogs for rare and out of print music for people who choose not to download the songs they hear on the radio 50 million times a day.Anyone had success adding funds with their affiliates?The Other sites dont compare.


I am sure that they will be accepting payments in one form or another, it will just take some time for them to get things back in order. They do indeed have music that is quite hard to find otherwise, that is one of the things that makes them so attractive to people that aren't interested in the 'top 40'.

It is amazing how the IFPI/RIAA are coercing the credit cards companies into doing their bidding. In some countries, this type of action is highly illegal - too bad they do (and will) continue to get away with stifling competition in this way. back in business

Yesterday, 7/18/07, I was able to purchase and download tracks from Server-side encoding worked, too. As the Russians say, UUUU-RAHHH!!! (Hooray!)


Hi-Lavamus may be up , but unable to connect to server to download!- others ( mp3stor, mp3sugar and memphis still ok for downloading if not for payments,- but for how long!)

Ligamusic working music archive


ya i think the cheap mp3 downloading sites is sadly comming to an end )=


Ok, I didn't actually download anything - I just checked to see if they were up and accepting payments (which they are, at least as of now). I'd guess that they are probably working on getting downloads going too. I'll edit the story to note when downloads seem to be working again.


Yo guys! is there any more mp3 shop except these, where i can buy the latest psyytrance tracks? 10q Vibo


Check on the left side of this site, there are 14 (as of right now) sites reviewed that you can try out.

But for trance, check out MP3Skyline - they have a big selection of obscure electronic music.