News Update : Closures, Growing Pains, and a Facelift

Lots of things have changed since the RIAA/IFPI/MAFIAA used political pressure to have AllOfMP3 closed. It looks as if they are now setting their sights on other much smaller (and less popular) music providers as well. While some might wonder at how a foreign corporation is able to regulate business practices in a sovereign nation (Russia), it is not hard to imagine what an organization with the reputation of suing children and people that don't even own computers at all will stoop to.

A couple of sites are completely MIA: JustMusicStore and iSOUND (and some others that were not reviewed here) seem to be down for the count. It doesn't take much of an imagination to figure out who is probably behind the closure of these stores, either.

MP3Fiesta is having problems accepting payment, most likely suffering from the same strategy that the RIAA/IFPI used against AllOfMP3: strangle the company by pulling some strings to ensure that they cannot accept payments using credit card processors. Hopefully they will be able to work around this problem and start accepting payments again soon.

There isn't only bad news to report, however: IOMOIO recently had a facelift, and the new site seems to be really nice - much nicer than the old site layout and graphics. Check out the review or go straight to IOMOIO.

MP3Skyline (read the review) has been experiencing some growing pains with a couple of periods of connectivity problems. If you have been affected by this and or had problems downloading, you can simply email support at to have your problem resolved.

Also, expect more reviews next week of even more sites!


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Lavamus' admins wrote to me

Lavamus' admins wrote to me that they are "experiencing problems with our service provider" and will compensate users for their troubles. But, a week later, no more word from them and the site is still broke. & and, sister sites of, are online but not working. Server-side encoding never releases tracks for download. Lavamus' admins wrote to me that they are "experiencing problems with our service provider" and will compensate users for their troubles. But, a week later, no more word from them and the site is still broke.